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The kitchen is an essential part of your home. It’s a space you and your family spend a lot of time in. These days, we seem to use it also as a workspace, instead of just cooking and eating. Here are 33 kitchen design ideas that you’d want to implement immediately. 

Small kitchen design ideas

In an ideal world, we’d be able to build the perfect, spacious kitchen with an island and all the latest appliances. However, for most of us, we have to work with the space that we have. Small, however, doesn’t have to mean drab. 

Here are some clever ideas that will make you love your small kitchen

1. Maximise your storage

Maximise your storage
Image credit: Good Housekeeping

Whether it’s cabinets, or shelves or a metal rack, small kitchen spaces need as much storage as possible. Use up your vertical spaces by sticking some shelves on them. 

Hanging up your pots, pans and cutting boards will free up some space for you. Keep your frequently used items in an easy to reach cabinet. Your kitchen will seem spacious when your countertops are free of clutter, so designate a space for each appliance and put them away when they’re not in use.

2. Use sliding doors

Use sliding doors
Image credit: Future Plc/ Colin Poole

Kitchen doors are handy in the sense that they help contain smells from filling up the other parts of your home. You might, however, be tempted to remove them because they make your small kitchen seem smaller than ever.

Why not consider sliding doors? 

Glass sliding doors take up zero space, will keep smells in, and you can have your open space when you’re not cooking. Additionally, because they don’t swing open, you don’t have to worry about bumping someone with the door. This is especially true if you have kids around the house.

You can even take sliding doors a step further by having them on your kitchen cabinets.

3. Use foldable furniture

Use foldable furniture
Image credit: Norden table, Ikea

Collapsible or foldable furniture allows you to free up space when you need it. For example, the extended table in the picture above can be used as an island or a dining table for mealtimes. It can be folded up when not in use. 

Modern kitchen design ideas

The kitchen has and will always be the ‘hub of the home’, even during these modern times. Here are some great modern kitchen ideas that will spruce up your space.

4. Go wild with tiles

Go wild with tiles
Image credit: Tom Howley

Over the past few years, vibrant and colorful tiles have become very popular. They can be used as an eye-catching backsplash and is an amazing way to incorporate color into your kitchen area. They’re also easy to clean. 

Use core colors if you want to keep it neutral. 

5. Merge the old and the new

Merge the old and the new
Image credit: Tom Howley

If your home has original features such as exposed bricks or wooden beams, why not incorporate them into the kitchen design? 

Merging the old and new gives your kitchen a unique modern look. It’s simple yet interesting and aesthetically pleasing. 

6. Bold yet easy on the eye

Bold yet easy on the eye
Image credit: McCarron & Co

You can choose a bold design and detailing, which is still easy on the eyes. Cabinet doors don’t have to match 100%. Break free from the normal by mixing different colors, tones and materials.

Kitchen island design ideas

Kitchen islands have become popular thanks to open plan spaces. They can function as a prep space, as a boundary between the kitchen and living or dining space, or even as a breakfast eating space for your kids. 

Here are some unique kitchen island design ideas 

7. Make space for seating

Make space for seating
Image credit: Plain English

Kitchen islands have increasingly become a workspace for family members. Compared to the traditional kitchen, modern kitchens have become multi-functional spaces where people work, eat, and gather. 

Adding a seating area will allow you to use your kitchen island for more than just preparing food. You can take meetings, do your work or simply sit to enjoy a cup of tea. If you have kids, you’ll be able to watch them do their schoolwork while you’re about in the kitchen area.

8. Use it to add storage

Use it to add storage
Image credit: Paul Massey

Kitchen islands give you the perfect chance to up your kitchen storage space. Whether it’s cabinets, shelves or drawers, use both sides of the island. You can use this extra storage space to keep all sorts of things – from seldom-used items to cooking essentials. 

9. Flexible mobile islands

Flexible mobile islands
Image credit: Future

Flexible mobile islands are great if you have a smaller space. Portable kitchen islands allow you to change your kitchen layout whenever you wish as they are not fixed furniture. 

You can use it for food prep, eating, display, storage or even as a workstation. To make them easy to move around, put in casters.

Kitchen cabinet design ideas

Kitchen cabinets are a vital part of kitchen remodelling. It completes the way a kitchen looks and gives you much-needed storage space. 

10. Add some color

Add some color
Image credit: Future / Polly Wreford

Make a statement and add personality with bold colored kitchen cabinets. You can use the colors in small portions if you’re afraid that it might end up becoming too overpowering. Use it to highlight a focal point or keep it in the line of direct sunlight for tones.

Additionally, you can opt for neutral tones or colors that complement your paint, flooring and tiles.

11. Maximise space with full height kitchen cabinets

Maximise space with full height kitchen cabinets
Pic credit: Nextluxury

Full height kitchen cabinets look good and give you the extra storage space you need. They’re perfect to keep items that you don’t use often. You will, however, most likely need a step stool to reach them. 

12. Glass door kitchen cabinets

Glass door kitchen cabinets
Pic credit: Nextluxury

Glass doors are versatile – they’re suitable for modern and traditional kitchens. Clear glass panels allow you to see what’s in your cabinet. Opt for frosted glass if you feel that clear glass is a bit too exposed. 

Farmhouse kitchen design ideas

Farmhouse kitchens are known for their warm and welcoming look. They are unpretentious, yet infused with personality. Here are some ideas to amp up the rustic vibe. 

13. Use bold colors

Use bold colors
Pic credit: Better Homes & Gardens

Mix natural colors with bold colors for a cozy, warm, welcoming kitchen. Bold colored cabinets will stand out, giving your kitchen space its ersonality. 

Cast iron appliances add a rustic, old-fashioned feel, while wooden floors give off a natural feel to the area. 

14. Upcycle 

Pic credit: Jean Allsopp

This kitchen is filled with upcycled and ‘rescued’ items, giving it a timeless, farmhouse feel. Check out the stove hood made from an old metal awning. The woven baskets, wooden buckets and plants amp it up country style.  

The large centrepiece table is suitable for big family meals, while the mismatched stools and chairs give the kitchen character. Additionally, upcycling and repurposing means you’ll get to save loads of money.  

15. Feature your kitchen hood

Pic credit: Max Kim-Bee
Pic credit: Max Kim-Bee

The kitchen hood is an opportunity to make a farmhouse-style statement. Why not use a barn wood covered hood like in the picture? Or a cast-iron one instead of the normal stainless steel. Complete the look with an old fashioned kitchen stove. 

Simple kitchen design ideas

Having a simple kitchen doesn’t mean that it can’t be a beautiful space as well. You can have a kitchen that is simple and efficient, that stands out. In fact, sometimes you can say more with less. 

16. Let mother nature rule

Let mother nature rule
Pic credit: Bespoke Only

This kitchen is clean, bright, clutter-free and yet, has all the needed appliances for it to function effectively. 

The stained natural wood matches the white marble countertops perfectly. 

The simple pendant lights, counter stools and monstera leaves bring the space together elegantly, making this simple kitchen a place you will surely want to spend time in. 

17. Soft colors

Soft colors
Pic credit: Cathie Hong

Simple doesn’t have to mean standard white or light brown cabinets. You can have colors too. Soft, nontraditional colors are a simple way that you can brighten up your kitchen and make it stand out. 

18. Add a touch of glamour

Add a touch of glamour
Pic credit: D Burns Interiors

Simple doesn’t equal boring. Add in something retro or vintage as a focal point in the kitchen. For example, this retro-style refrigerator will definitely draw your eye. 

Complement your chosen stand out appliance with the tiles and color of the rest of your kitchen.

Galley kitchen design ideas

Galley kitchens get their name from the kitchen space of a boat. They are characterised by two rows of cabinetry facing each other and a usually narrow walkway in between. Needless to say, space can be rather limited. But this doesn’t mean that they can’t be stylish! 

19. Patterned floors

Patterned floors
Pic credit: Studio McGee

One of the ways in which you can brighten up the walkway or the narrow hallway is to use patterned tiles on the floor. Choose a pattern with the color you like and give your floors a personality that reflects your own. 

You can match darker patterned floors with dark base cabinets to ground the space. Higher cabinets can be a lighter color, resulting in a nice contrast and an illusion of a more expansive space. 

20. Play with light wood and white

Play with light wood and white
Pic credit: Front + Main

If you feel that having a fully white galley kitchen might be a bit too cold, add in some light, natural woody colors. For example, light wood colors for cabinets can make the tight, narrow space seem warmer. Finish with some black fixtures for the cabinets for a nice, clean look. Lay a rug in the middle for an added welcoming touch. 

21. Keep it simple

Keep it simple
Pic credit: Bethany Nauert

Keep to the basics when you have a galley kitchen – cabinets, counters, sink, stove and oven, refrigerator. Maximise storage so that you can stash away items and appliances that you’re not using. 

Unless you have the space, it’s best to forgo kitchen islands and breakfast bars. If you must have a kitchen island, consider a mobile one so that you can move it when you need the space. 

White kitchen design ideas

All white designs don’t have to be boring. Here are some ways to make your white kitchen stand out. 

22. Take advantage of natural light

Take advantage of natural light
Pic credit: Our Modern Farmhouse

If you have large windows or skylights, design around the natural sunlight that comes in. Natural light plays of white color, keeping everything bright and fresh. You may just find your kitchen becoming the most popular place to hang out with this. 

23. Use dimension

Use dimension
Pic credit: Underwood Design

White doesn’t mean flat or bland. Add a sprinkling of color – cabinet door handles, lighting fixtures, and the sink faucet can give the space a whole new dimension. 

You can also use different textures and materials on the countertop, or behind the stove. 

24. Keep structural elements white

Keep structural elements white
Pic credit: Adventures in Decorating

White can make your space feel bigger than it actually is. You can maintain this illusion by keeping your structural elements and additional features white in color. For example, white shelving and hooks. This is a great idea especially if you have a small kitchen space. 

Open kitchen design ideas

Open kitchens are quite a modern concept. They are perfect for entertaining and family living. It also opens up your floor layout plan, making the space look bigger. 

25. Kitchen island centrepiece

Kitchen island centrepiece
Pic credit: Casa Mochi

One of the best parts of having an open kitchen is that you’ll most likely have space for a kitchen island. So why not make it a bold centrepiece? This huge blue kitchen island is definitely the visual focal point of this open kitchen. 

With a large island, you’ll be able to use it for activities other than food prep as well. Don’t be surprised if your family prefers having meals at the kitchen island compared to the dining table. 

Additionally, consider adding deep drawers, cabinets and shelves so that the island functions as a storage solution as well. 

26. Mix it up

Mix it up
Pic credit: Reena Sotrapa

Don’t feel that you have to have all your furniture match each other. If you’ve already bought furniture previously, or have pieces that you just can’t part with, give it a space in your open kitchen. 

You can even try using a few different materials and colors that contrast each other. For example, having a wood and granite kitchen island with a white backdrop makes this kitchen really unique. 

27. Don’t skimp on style

Don’t skimp on style
Pic credit: Alex Zaroar, Virtually Here Studios

If you love all things modern and stylish, then infuse your personal style into your space. Put together impactful design elements that will make your kitchen space totally yours. Tie the space together with an art piece on the wall, or with light fixtures that are full of character. 

Small kitchen dining room combo design ideas

While we all want a spacious home with a separate kitchen and dining spaces, the reality is that not everyone can have this. 

Many smaller homes need the kitchen space to function as a dining room as well. Here are some ideas that will help small kitchen dining room combos look spacious, stylish and cohesive without compromising function. 

28. Have an accent wall

Have an accent wall
Pic credit: Pxhere CCO

An accent wall in the background can help to distinguish between the kitchen and dining area. 

For example, the stone wall separates the dining area from the kitchen. Having the stone wall makes it seem like the dining table should not be anywhere else, giving the whole open area a cohesive look ,ile maintaining that they are two separate areas. 

29. Add some color

Add some color
Pic credit: DarthZuzanka from Pixabay CCO

Having some dashes of color through the kitchen and dining room can help the space to look and feel connected. 

You can use elements of color that belong to each other. For example, the orange flowers and orange refrigerator look like they belong together, while the plants add a freshness to the whole space. 

Don’t be afraid to use bright colors, but if you prefer something less ‘popping’, softer colors can work just as well. 

30. Use picnic benches

Use picnic benches
Pic credit: Curtis Adams from Pexels CCO

Picnic benches instead of traditional chairs can add a chic and modern vibe to your small kitchen and dining room combo. They’re sturdy and functional and can be moved around if you need additional space. 

For example, put them under the table if you’re having a party, or better yet, push them up the wall so that people have space to sit. 

Outdoor kitchen design ideas

If the weather is perfect, cooking and eating outside can be a lovely time. Just like indoor kitchens, outdoor kitchens too should function well. 

31. Outdoor patio kitchen

Outdoor patio kitchen
Pic credit: Pure Style Home

Having a kitchen set up outside when you want to cook and dine outside means that you don’t have to worry about the hassle of moving all the things you need from your indoor kitchen outside. This cosy outdoor kitchen and dining area is not only convenient but super cosy. 

32. Built-in outdoor kitchen

Built-in outdoor kitchen
Pic credit: Karyn Millet

You don’t need a big backyard for an outdoor kitchen. In fact, you can have a built-in outdoor kitchen at the corner of your yard. For example, you can cook up a storm and entertain with this lovely, elegant outdoor kitchen. 

33. Grill Station

Grill Station
Pic credit: Courtesy of Lowe’s

Just because the kitchen is outdoors doesn’t mean it has to be bare-bones or boring. This grill station is elegant, yet super functional with ample space for food prep. You will be able to have hours of fun with family and friends cooking up the most mouth-watering meals with an outdoor kitchen like this!


While space may be a constraint, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a kitchen area that you love. With proper kitchen design, even the smallest of spaces can be stylish and functional. If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen, contact us at Style & Structure. We’d love to help you achieve your dream kitchen!